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Clash of clans is an online multiplayer game for mobile platform. It was first developed for iOS, Apple iPhones, later was relaunched on Android Platform when it gained huge popularity. The game basically engage groups of different players called clans. Clash of Clans has separate character types like goblins, archers, barbarians etc who have their own separate abilities, health points and attack damages. Gems are the ultimate currency in Clash of Clans; they can be used to build structures faster, train troops faster and to buy various special units. There are 3 kinds of resources in Clash of Clans game - Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir, which are used to make any structure or build any troops. Gold and elixir are the basic resources and Dark elixir is unlocked at a higher level of the game. There are many buildings and structures that need to be built in the game, but most important of them is the Town Hall which defines the general level of any player. Town halls can be updated from level 1 to level 12 and with advancement of each level, new types of structures and troops are unlocked. A player starts with 500 gems by default, in the training before beginning the game, Clash of Clans player spends 250 gems, and 8 more if he or she wants to build structures faster, rest are left to play throughout the game. There are normal spells and dark spells in the game, they are created from Spell Factory and Dark Spell Factory Respectively. Spells or units can be researched and updated in the laboratory in Clash of Clans. Laboratory is the building which has ability to update everything in the game including itself. Higher level of laboratory has better research scopes. Raiding is the form of war Clash of Clans players use to defeat enemies and steal resources from enemy players. Heroes are the immortal units that help in the raid along with other characters. Heroes are summoned in Hero alters, there are 3 type of heroes in Clash of Clans – Barbarian King, Archer Queen and Grand warden. When they fall in the battle or lose significant amount of health, the rest in the alter to regain health and to be battle ready. Clash of Clans is a vast and exciting multiplayer game with huge landscape and scope for a player to improve; regularly new elements are being added in the game to make it more attractive.
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