Advantage Health Discount Program
Advantage Health Savings & Discount Program
Health Care
The Advantage Health Savings & Discount Program is a money-saving solution for your family’s health-care expenses, as well as, other valuable benefits and services. These  programs can be used alone or with your current health insurance plan to save you and your family money on many different types of medical, dental, vision, prescription, pet care, and other expenses. The benefits included in the Advantage Programs are perfect to fill the gaps left by a Mini-Med or Major Medical type plan. This service is designed especially for those who are without health insurance, under-insured, or with pre-existing health conditions, as well as, to fill the gaps left by a limited benefit medical plan (mini med) or major medical insurance. This includes people with high deductible major medical policies and those with low and middle incomes who do not qualify for Medicaid, but cannot afford major medical insurance. 
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This program includes many seldom found upgrades to help the average consumer save more on their health care expenses. The Advantage Health Discount Program reduces or eliminates many of the hidden costs that exist in a large number of discount health plans currently available in the marketplace.
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