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Custom Shade Solutions in Brisbane, QLD
Eclipse Shade & Sails offers a wide variety of shade solutions that use the latest technologies, best materials and sound construction methods. We can design and construct the ideal shade solution for situations such as:  Community Spaces - Businesses - Pre Schools & Schools - Cafes & Restaurants - Commercial Car Parks - Home Shade Solutions and many others. Our shade solutions are continuously exposed to Australian weather conditions, which include high winds, intense heat, extreme cold and of course many kinds of rain. Not only do the materials that we use have to stand up to the harsh Australian weather conditions, the structure itself must be robust at the same time as working with its surroundings. Our fully trained and qualified installers have many years of of experience in creating practical and creative shade solutions which stand the tests of time and the elements. Add to this a manufacturer's warranty of up to 15 years on shade membranes that we have available and your peace of mind is guaranteed. From waterproof to shade only structures, from shade sails to custom framed solutions, the possibilities and concepts available for your shade solution are virtually endless. Our consultants and installers can help you find the solution that best meets your needs and wants as well as providing the protection for your community, staff, clients and assets from the Australian climate.
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