Business Directory

Best Brands WorldWide Business Directory offers you a tailor made seo solution for business directory listings. And they're free, free-er than a hole in a New York bagel, so take advantage!

What you'll get from our free online marketing tools:

1. A web-listing for your brand(s) and products that will give you the ability to shape your own title and h1 tag.

2. Metadata that reflects the true description of your brand and product, most particularly a suitable description tag for search engines to recognize the relevance and semantic value of the page you created.

3. True link building capabilities, with anchor text that is determined by you, and that supports the search optimized campaign you are engineering.

4. The ability to provide more than just a tiny little link, but the ability to create suitable and real business content to support and bolster your link's relevance.

4. A taxonomy based platform that will relate your brands and products to related searches, so that your brands and products are never lost in site clutter. If you sell the product, it will appear both in in-site search and through external searches done through the major search engines.

5. A site that keeps a tight inventory of all urls created and submits regularly to all the search engines for rapid indexing.

Best Brands WorldWide does all this and much more. So sign up for your free account and claim your free business listing today!