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When it comes to California and businesses the list goes on and on. It's funny this state which is a central location for American business is also veritably the capitol of democratic electoral voting. Quite a parallel to New York in that sense. I suppose employees of big business feel a bit different than some of their higher echelon policy wonks. And let's not forget, one of America's premier businesses, besides high tech and internet in sunny Silicon Valley, we've got all the entertainment machers (Yiddish for movers and shakers) over there in LA.

Somehow, Californians have all the business bases covered and yet epitomize an easy going surfer dude and beach babe lifestyle. Could take a few notes there, or perhaps simply one needs beaches nearby. Though if you've dunked in some of the Northern beaches of Cali, you know the waters are anything but cool. In fact they're frigid and require diving suits. Diving gear companies here, step up and introduce yourselves. And while we're at it, why not have all the energy, tech, toy and clothing companies say hi as well.

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Best Brands WorldWide free business directory are good for the economy, whether or not you are cash solvent or can use an injection. Oh, the investment community is welcome too. To quote one of my favorite Saturday Night Live skits, "talk amongst yourselves." Though, no, I'm not getting all fahklempt. Another Yiddish word in only a couple paragraphs. (I'm going to have to learn that language someday, it sounds so...definitive.) Well now, where were we. Yes, tend to your business marketing needs and go make money, piles of cash, oodles of moolah. I think I've coined a new phrase there. Maybe it'll catch on. I'll have to use it in my next meeting. I'll also have to sport a pair of surfer dude shorts and show a bit of California style. We're Best Brands, your local, regional American and global business directory, so take advantage of our free interactive listings and make yourself comfortable.