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It is difficult to measure the power of a beautiful smile, but in his two decades of practicing cosmetic dentistry, New York City dentist Bob Perkins, DDS has seen firsthand the incredible strength of feeling confident with your smile. Dr. Perkins works closely with each patient to discuss their vision for their smile, then begins the process of outlining the various treatment options which can include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, or similar services. We are your go to Cosmetic Dentist in NYC. Call us today! (646) 798-8008 Amazing attention to detail by Dr. Perkins coupled with superior & friendly staff at the most gorgeous location right next to Central Park. Anyone who cares about their smile & holistic health should switch to Dr. Perkins. He is humble, the best at his craft, a cool guy, and he does everything with zest, passion, and it shows by who he attracts. I recommend him all the time to people I love, goes without saying my friends and family, and I wish everyone just takes care of their oral health and outer being inner being the way I do. I cannot say enough cool things about Dr. Perkins----Just call for a consultation and you will wish you had called him when you were younger! The highest quality cosmetic dental care in New York City can be found at Dr. Perkins’ office. Cosmetic dentistry is an all-encompassing approach to perfecting a smile that goes far beyond appearances. It begins with the healthy placement and structure of the jaw, teeth, gums, and tongue, so a full oral evaluation is always necessary before treatment can be recommended. The key to a long-lasting smile is taking all factors into account when creating a treatment plan. It is absolutely vital that no steps are skipped in the journey to a perfect smile. Dr. Perkins spends time with each patient to ensure their satisfaction from start to finish. If you desire a smile makeover, New York City patients should look no further than Dr. Bob Perkins dental practice to deliver exactly what you need.