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Duct cleaning Melbourne? Hire the proficient ducted heating cleaners in Melbourne. Air ducted cooling cleaning & unit repair services specialist. Our Duct cleaners are professional and skilled in Duct Cleaning and duct repairs services. Specialized and number 1 duct cleaning team with guaranteed to offer you with neat and clean duct air. Household spent most of their time inside and 60% of all the diseases are caused by bacteria infected polluted indoor duct air. SK Duct Cleaning services have got knowledgeable and qualified team that will regularly clean your air duct system improving the overall quality of the air your family breathes. This habitual cleaning of your systems will enhance the efficiency of the cooling and heating systems thus minimizing your energy bills. We are also available any emergency Duct Cleaning and we receive calls 24 hours 7 days. For more info: info@skcleaningservices.com.au & 1300 284 115