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There are very few countries in the world that can rival Thailand in terms of beauty, diversity, adventure and tranquillity. But that’s just a tip of the ice-berg. Beneath all the glory and glamour are hundreds of world-class golf courses that have commanded the attention of the best golfers in the world including Tiger Woods himself.    Whether you want to play by a pristine beach-side, a breathtaking mountainous aura or at the heart of a bustling city that has been ranked top by the Global Destinations Cities Index, the “Golf Capital of Asia” is your best bet.   This is the only place in the world where you can pay an affordable price for luxurious facilities. And besides that, you get the freedom to choose from more than 250 golf-courses – some located in remote but picturesque neighbourhood and others a stone’s throw away from modernity.    Each of these golf courses transmits a different atmosphere thanks to the generous yet diverse weather minted by the tropical Asian virgin forests, the ever-magnificent Andaman Sea and the Indian Ocean.   Such diversity means you can never run out of options when looking to “tee off your fantasies”. On the flip-side, though, it’s easy to get lost in the mountains of information provided to you especially if this is your first time making a golfing tour to this great country.    The best way to uncover the beauty of Thailand is by working with people who understand the country best – and in particular people who are enthusiastic about golfing.    And since no two travel experiences or golf courses are exactly the same, we have made it our job to review them by analyzing everything you need to know to make the most of your tour. We also share photo galleries and vital tips and tidbits for travel and accommodation near every course.    We strive to be a one-stop portal for all passionate golfers, both individuals or corporate, aiming to turn every package into a great experience. Besides that, we have established strong working relationships with different clubs and hotels, meaning we are able to link you up with fantastic services at affordable prices.    The truth about Thailand is that although there is a lot on offer, it only takes a discerning eye to highlight the very best that’s available. We are always at hand to provide you with that much-needed input whenever you want to make a choice. And being the leading web portal for avid golfers in Thailand, our sole aim is to help you take your travel experiences and memories to a whole new level.   Feel free to explore our website for all your bookings and general information needs. 
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