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  In 1921, originally named Paramount Bedding, Inc., we began our journey in the sleep industry making cotton stuffed mattresses that were sold to consumers in Oregon. Our place in the local market was eventually over-run by large franchised mattress retailers causing us to diversify. Thus we began making specialty mattresses for such sectors as Long-haul trucks, RVs, hospitals, colleges, campgrounds, summer camps, recreational vehicles, FEMA, the Coast Guard and fire departments throughout the Northwest. In 1989, husband and wife team, Nels and Debbie Lewis purchased the company. They had a new vision. They believed that the quality of Paramount Bedding mattresses, along with their ability to sell direct, should benefit a wider population than just their corporate accounts. Thus, they expanded their manufacturing capabilities and returned the legacy of sharing their superior sleep experience and the direct to consumer model with the general public. The Parklane model allows us to manufacture our mattresses at equivalent or superior quality levels to those of famous mattress companies, yet sell them for much less. Today we hold tight to our belief that everyone deserves great sleep. Therefore, we look forward to helping you find your better sleep secret. Visit us at any of our store locations or at our online mattress store for more information.