Telephone Book Listings

Finding businesses located in your area is something you've associated with the good old telephone book. Poring over the listings is a childhood ritual I remember well.

You could find that trusty phone book lodged in one of those booth Superman would change in, hanging from a long silver cord.

Nowadays, telephone book listings are just as sought after as ever, but the place to find them is not streetside (evidenced by the lessening of payphones on your local curb). You're most likely to find great and accurate telephone book listings online, in a business directory.

As a business, keeping a dependency on the phone book, is like not cutting an old umbilical cord to the distant past. Sure, it's only been a few years since online business directories have hit the scene, but change, at least this kind of change, is irrevocable.

Getting on board and planting your business listing in a great online business directory will benefit your business' bottom line tremendously as users hope to your website from the link you provide on the listing page. Parking a business page that well represents your brand, service or product on a free directory pays off, and one look at your analytics program will prove the correlative metrics indeed speak for themselves.