While trekking you will meet biodiversity in Nepal, the incomparable range of the Himalayas, the rich cultures Nepalis. Walking you'll enjoy of thick forests of rhododendron, the flower of Nepal, small mountain villages, temples, monasteries. It will be a lifelong experience. You can choose between different levels of difficulty and also depending on the time you have, choose one path or another, from one day to as long as you want. Inside the country travelers will walk ancient paths that will lead to river beds, beautiful old villages and rice terraces. Almost all walking routes reach heights altitudes between 1000 and 3000 meters but there are very popular and well known routes that rise to 5000m. Choose the Trekking that you like. ANNAPURNA CIRCUIT ANNAPURNA SANCTUARY POON HILL HELAMBU LANTANG GOSAIKUND  
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