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XSBase is a highly flexible, scalable, Access Control system. It can operate in a wide variety of situations. It allows buildings, areas, parks (or any area) to be closed off to the public and only allow access to selected groups of people. Even these selected groups can have extra restrictions when and where they can enter. The system can be managed from every workspace that has a computer and a modern web browser. Because this is an Holland Systems Design in house development, it can be customised to client specification if needed. For the complete overview of features and system specifications and for more general information about this product, go to the XSBase product page.
Is this product currently in the market?
Currently in market.
Interview Profile
van der Graaf
Project Engineer
Holland System Design
What is new and exciting about the ?
XSBase is a new product, but it includes many years of experience from other Access Control systems. This experience we used as the basis to create XSBase. On top of this solid basis we created new ways to show the information that the system produces and uses.
How have you contributed to the 's development?
Yes, I have been actively involved in creating this product. The basis was developed rather fast, because of the earlier experiences. The design of the new parts took a little longer, but considering the number of people who worked on the development, this time was also pretty short.
What sets the apart from everything else?
XSBase uses new ways to present the data to the adminitrator of the system. The interactive map is a good example of this. This interactive map allows the administrator of the XSBase system to click on his building and monitor or alter the system in realtime. Key (user) movements are shown 'as they happen', no delay, realtime.
What makes the user-friendly?
For the administrator, the user-friendly part is in the design of the XSBase web interface. The system can be monitored from where ever place that is needed. Besides this, the system is so flexible it can be configured for all situations that come across its path. For the people who use the system, the user-friendly part is in the fact that it does what it needs to do: control access.  
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