Yellow Pages

Ever since the yellow pages, business directories have become crucial tools for businesses to maintain key perceptibility in the eyes of the evolving public consumer.

The yellow pages are still an aspect of American culture, but the question is for how long. Even an elderly neighbor of mine for whom the existence of the internet is practically a myth, as she hasn't seen it with her own eyes (I really should be kind enough to show her my laptop and demonstrate its connectivity, ha), still, even she has pronounced that the internet will one day force items like the yellow pages to become outmoded and obsolete. And thus, one day in our building lobby at 6AM, she exhorted me to grab as many copies of the most recently minted yellow pages as I could so that I could sell them in the future. I'd have told her, most likely on Ebay. But I was sure to have garnered a clueless stare at the mention of Ebay, so I decided not to go there. Fifteen minutes of explaining about Ebay on an empty early morning stomach, when I had a coffee and krueller waiting. No contest there. Perhaps some other time.

Well, getting to the heart of the matter, it is clear that evolution from the physical yellow pages to an online version is clearly the trend. The question follow: Which business directory listings site will forge a path for the future of business promotional tools. Everyone likes things that are free. So that's one selling point, but having a free yellow pages style business directory that can actually offer a premium style service. Now that's a lot more valuable for generating new business, because it boosts brand value in the eyes of potential new customers. Best Brands is such a business directory, and you are all invited to join our bid to become the real interactive, online yellow pages of the future.